We have 2 delivery options; Express Delivery ($40), Normal Delivery ($20)

Deliveries within USA can be completed within 24hours

After your is placed, you will receive a follow up email with payment details. Once payment is made and confirmed, we will register your order for delivery.

Note: You can send us a message through our live chat support team to quickly get payment details after placing your order.

Also, Only Bitcoins payments are automated.

Yes you will receive an invoice of what you ordered.

We are located in USA


Text us using the live chat bubble or on our phone number available at the footer.


We accept Cryptocurrency, Zelle, Venmo & Cashapp

No, we have never scammed anyone and we will not begin today.

Yes, it is safe to order

Yes, we deliver worldwide.


If a delivery is not completed or arrived in bad state, we refund or reship for free.